Unique design

The condo complex is a truly unique project – designed by an awarded architectural design office “Kahl-Gaczorek Architekci. The project seamlessly brings together the charm of the “Villa Marilor” building (grade a listed) with modern elements, all this using only the highest quality materials. The end result is a luxurious hotel and a real source of pride for its every Investor.

Some of the awards won by the architectural design office “Kahl-Gaczorek Architekci”:

Nagroda przyjaźni środowisku
Environmental Responsibility Award
Nagroda Innowatory wprost 2015
“Wprost” Innovation Award 2015
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Rich history

The location of the new condo and hotel complex boasts a long and interesting history. It was here where many renowned Polish historical figures came to spend their winter and summer breaks: painter Wojciech Kossak, artist and philosopher Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz or writer and poet Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński. Replacing the XIX century palace of Professor Ignacy Baranowski, the “Villa Marilor” building which is still in place today was constructed in 1905 – its design joining together the famed “Podhale style” in architecture with the prevailing international trends. “Villa Marilor” quickly became a holiday home for the Polish political and cultural elites – particularly during the XX century’s interwar period. Now this era serves as an inspiration for the design of the new condo and hotel complex – reminding the world in its architecture and feel of the site’s unique story.


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